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Why Western Men Prefer Girls From Cebu

Cebuanas are marriage material Girls from Cebu are wife material and Western men love it. | Photo by John Mark Ramos on Unsplash

It’s a world-renowned fact that men from the west like their Filipinas, especially the girls from Cebu. They are the perfect marriage candidates and if you aren’t convinced yet, take a gander at what makes them special.

Well, to be honest, there are a LOT of reasons why western men like Cebuanas. It has a lot to do with always comparing white women to them too. Most of the girls from Cebu City that you will likely meet were raised to be well-mannered and polite. The chances of you meeting one that isn’t friendly is very low so there’s that.

The fact of the matter is that if you were very keen on finding a woman that is perfect for marriage, then look no further than Filipino Women. Why these ladies in particular?

Here’s why.

Girls From Cebu Are Extremely Attractive

No, this isn’t a bluff and no, it’s not about tooting anyone’s horn. Asia is where desirable women stay and you can never go wrong with a FIlipino woman. Filipinas are probably a foreign man’s dream.

Filipina girls in Cebu are considered to be the most beautiful in the world and no one will deny it. Western men go crazy for their brownish skin, big brown eyes and perfect hourglass bodies. They are exotic and you can’t get bored just by looking at their pretty faces. If you want proof, just look at the amount of women that won Miss Universe.

Girls From Cebu Are Loyal

This stems from how Filipino women were raised as Catholics. Marriage is something sacred to them and therefore should be respected.

You won’t find yourself being cheated on and instead get a lady devoted to you for life. Of course, this also means that she expects you to do the same. After all, marriage is a two-way street.

Communication, love and loyalty are supposed to be done by the two in a holy union. Compared to a Western woman, getting divorced to your Filipina wife is unlikely. She will most probably just sit down and talk about the problems to get through it instead of giving up on the relationship. You won’t find any contented man tied to a Cebuana who would say “don’t marry a Filipina.”

They’ll most likely say “go for it and you won’t regret it”.

Girls From Cebu Are Nurturers

This actually applies to every single Filipina in the country. One of many Filipino women characteristics is how they are very family-oriented. It is in their very nature to want to take care of their families.

Above all else, Filipino women value their family the most, even more than themselves. It is their pride to look after the family and to make sure that they are well looked after. If you happen to marry one then expect you and your children to live comfortably and well-loved. If she happens to also be gorgeous then congratulations.

Girls From Cebu Aren’t Greedy

Yes, there are misconceptions about Asian girls only marrying for money but not all of them are in it for cash. True, there are plenty of Filipino women that are desperate for a change of lifestyle but there are also many girls that marry because they truly love you.

These ladies, once love has been found, aren’t greedy or demanding. You’ll find that simple gestures such as a candlelit dinner in an apartment or a pretty flower can make them smile so bright that it lights up your world. That’s not an exaggeration.

Filipino women, especially girls from Cebu, have beautiful smiles. Lucky for you, they aren’t selfish about giving these smiles away.

Girls From Cebu Tend To Be Heartwarming And Funny

A sunny and bubbly personality is what you get in a Cebuana. Did you ever hear of that joke about how Filipinos always find themselves smiling in front of a camera even if their days are bad? That’s just it. It isn’t a joke.

People from the Philippines are seldom sad or down. They are always cheerful and are known to be positive thinkers. Cebuanas in particular will never leave you bored.

If ever your day has gone to hell, whether that be stress from work or a flat tire making it worse, your Filipina partner will automatically cheer you up with kisses, corny jokes and a nice foot massage.

Full-blown intimacy may be an option too. She is a guarantee of getting rid of your stress. You could even say that she’s your instant happy pill.

Filipinas Are Strong And Independent

She will cook you a delicious meal and verbally kick someone’s ass while at it. Don’t be fooled by the charm of a Filipina. She may have that sweet smile on her face and looks like a push-over but boy are her protective instincts comparable to a mama bear.

A Filipina will defend your honor to high and above because that’s how much she loves you. Just because she’s putty in your hands at home doesn’t mean she’ll keel over when someone disrespects her and her loved ones. So you got yourself a lover and a protector. Even Filipino men tremble in awe sometimes.

If that doesn’t sweeten the deal, Filipinas are known to be excellent homemakers too. They are taught by their mothers at a young age to not only know how to take care of themselves but also how to maneuver around the house.

Some women in this era are working women as well. She will pick up her slack in terms of financial capabilities by not just being the housewife, but also as a career woman. After all, what good is a wife if she can’t even be the slightest bit independent?

Filipino women got everything, don’t they? Looks, intelligence, morality, values and principles. They are what western men look for in a wife and who can blame you guys?

When Filipino women love, they love truly and sincerely. Girls from Cebu especially, love with all their hearts. At the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants in life? To love and be loved?

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - Tuesday, 29 November, 2022
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